The Pakistan military’s kill and dump policy continues in Balochistan…

Occupied Balochistan:

The Pakistan military’s kill and dump policy continues in Balochistan unabated. Despite the tall claims of Pakistani parliament that 2012 will be the year of peace in Balochistan, the notorious ISI, MI and FC are continuously violating human rights of the Baloch people. At least five bullet-riddled bodies of abducted Baloch activists have been recovered from different areas in last five days of 2012.

Sources from Balochistan reported that two more brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch were found from Windar and Dera Allahyar towns of Balochistan.

The first body was found on Tuesday night in Windar area of District Lasbela. There were visible bullet and torture wound on victim’s head and face. Later, the police shifted body in local hospital, where his identity ascertained by a chit found from his pocket as Mohammad Murad s/o Abdul Lateef, a resident of Alahabad in industrial town of Hub, Balochistan.

Separately another bullet riddled body of an enforced-disappeared Baloch was found from Dera Allahyar. The victim identified as Abdul Sattar Bugti. Police sources confirmed that he was reported as abducted from last few days.

Pakistan’s military has adopted a new fashion of kill and dump policy in Balochistan. The score of bullet riddled bodies now reaches to 370. According to recent report released by the Baloch National Voice (BNV) 297 bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch youths were found in year 2011.The military seems to continue it secret dirty was in Balochistan in 2012 as well. Despite comprehensive reports from some International Human Rights Organisation and several years of protest of the families the victims of Pakistan state terrorism, the UN, EU and other international powers have failed to take any bold actions against Pakistan so far.

However, some recent reports and documentaries on International media suggest that Pakistan’s dirty side is now exposed to the international community. The international powers, especially the US and NATO forces seems to have had enough of Pakistan’s double standards, are now looking for alternative ways to continue their fight against “what they call global terrorism”. The Baloch have time and again said that Pakistan is breeding the global extremism and should not be allowed to continue it ravage any longer.

Dera Bugti: The reports are coming from mineral rich area of Dera Bugti that Pakistani military killed two Baloch farmers. According to the initial reports, the Pakistan’s paramilitary force FC opened indiscriminate firing on a group of men working in their farmland in Sangseela area of Dera Bugti.

As a result of wanton firing two men were seriously wounded who later succumbed to their injuries. The victims belonged to the Qasmani clan of Bugti tribe and they were identified as Shambo Qasmani Bugti and Ghabru Qasmani Bugti. Family sources reported that both men were farmers and had no affiliation with any political or militant organisation.


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