Pakistan military have killed 11 Baloch youths under custody in less than 24 hours.

Occupied Balochistan:

Pakistan’s genocidal policy continued throughout in Balochistan.The Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have killed nine more Baloch youths under custody in less than 24 hours and dumped their bullet riddled bodies in Quetta,Noshki,Mastung,Windar,Pasni and Turbat Towns of Balochistan.

Windar: The bullet riddled bodies of Faraz Naseem s/o Urfat Naseem and Umair Ali found from Windar area of district Lasbela.The extreme signs of torture and bullets were visible on victims bodies.The Pakistan’s military and intelligence agencies have abducted the Faraz Naseem and Umair Ali on 9th October 2011 from industrial town of Hub in Balochistan.

On 30th october in a press conference out side Quetta press Club, the sister of Faraz Baloch said that her brother and cousin Khair Bux Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies. “My brother, Faraz Baloch, has been abducted from Hub Chowki on 09/10/2011 at around 4 pm when he was coming home along with his friend Umair Ali.While my cousin Khair Bux Baloch was offloaded from a passenger bus on 27/10/2011 when he was traveling from Karachi to his home in district Jhao, Balochistan.”

Noshki: In Noshki two bullet riddled bodies found and later indetified as Mohammad Naheem and Mehboob Baloch.They were subjected to the extreme torture.The torture signs were visible on bodies.Both youths were abducted by the Pakistan military and secret agencies.

Pasni: Another bullet riddled body of Baloch youth found from Kappar area of Pasni town.The dead body was some three days old.The victim identified as Moula Baksh s/o Ibrahim and he was resident of Nalent district Gwadar.

Mastung and Quetta: Two more bullet-riddled bodies were recovered from Mastung and Quetta. In the first incident, Levies Force personnel recovered body from Dasht area of Mastung and moved the body to hospital for autopsy. However,the identity of deceased could not be ascertained.Levies sources said the victim was shot in his head and marks of torture were visible on the body.The body was later shifted to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital.

In the second incident, police recovered a body from Sabzal Road of Quetta.Police shifted the body to hospital for postmortem and said deceased was shot dead. However, identity of victim is yet to be known.

Turbat:Two more bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youths found from Turbat in early hours of Thursday morning.The bodies identified as Gohram Baloch s/o Khalid ,resident of Mand and he was Ex-president of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Mand. While another person identified as Ayyam s/o Mohammad Umer , resident of Mand.Both the victims were abducted by the Pakistan military and intelligence agencies few months ago from Mand town.


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