This humble piece of Poet, is dedicated to Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti


Nawab Akbar Bugti! you are alive in every Baloch’s Heart n Mind.

You are Akbar Shahbaz*! You are Waajah**!You are Beacon of light for all our Brothers.

You lived your life for our Rights.You gave your life for our Rights.In the midst of hot & humid, sweltering & stifling mountains and hills.

You fought bravely for the noble cause to save our motherland, From the ugly and nasty gaze of Looters and Plunders.

Who were maligning & planning, overtly and covertly, to make you stumble! To bring your cause to a halt! To wipe you out from this land!

You had boldly foreseen their filthy designs! You had boldly predicted their ugly desires! You knew they were against you to take your life!To quench their greedy thirst, with your noble blood! Hovering above those mountains like hungry vultures; To take your life and crush the noble cause of thine.

You never gave in to their slanders! You never gave in and did not surrender! You looked straight in their evil & nasty eyes! The roar of guns & rockets, thunder of bombs and fires! Did never stop you nor make you stumble- even for a while! You held your head high with the noble cause in your prudent mind, AND! Bravely faced all the bombs, bullets, shots & fires, AND! Held the ignited torch of the Noble Cause:

TO SAVE OUR RIGHTS! Up above in the sky, till the last breathe of your life.

Those looters and Plunders were happy when you were martyred! Thinking that the cause of thine had been buried in a distant & unseen dungeon, It was a crude & Foolish thought, shamelessly dancing in their minds, For! Thine beacon was still alight and kindled with a beaming light! Showing way to my brothers, for the cause of FREEDOM N RIGHTS.

Your voice is embossed deep in our heads and hearts. All my brothers are fighting for the Noble Cause of FREEDOM N RIGHTS. Holding tight the beacon of light, which once you had held in your hand, For the cause to SAVE OUR RIGHTS.

Wajah Shabaz Khan Bugti! Wajah Nawab Akbar! You are the Beacon of Light! A Guiding Force for all Baloch Sons, who are fighting thine cause:TO SAVE THEIR RIGHTS.


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