Pakistani security agencies killed another Baloch Journalist…..

Occupied Balochistan:

Pakistan has today silenced vocal voice of the people of occupied Balochistan by killing yet another Baloch Journalist in most gruesome way of it latest kill and dump policy.

According reports reaching from Balochistan a brutally tortured bullet-ridden body was found from Gazgi Chowk (Roundabout) area of Khuzdar town in Balochistan.

The local authorities shifted the body to a nearby hospital where he has been identified as Jawed Naseer Rind Baloch. Mr Rind was a Baloch Journalist, Columnist and member of pro-independence political party Baloch National Movement (BNM).

He was abducted on September 10, 2011 about 9 Pm by Pakistani security agencies from his computer shop in Hub, the lone industrial town of Balochistan. Eye-witnesses had reported that over a dozen armed men came in two cars and ransacked the Baloch Journalist’s shop; a while later they saw the men dragging Mr Rind to their car and drove off.

Jawed Rind’s whereabouts remained unknown until Saturday (05/11/2011) morning when the Pakistan officials killed him under torture and dumped his body away. We would like to remind our readers that the central finance secretary of BNM, Abdul Samad Tagrani, was also abducted by Pakistani police and security agencies on same day from in front of Zahid Medical Store in Hub town; his bullet riddled body was found on 3rd November 2011 from Khuzdar, Balochistan.

Jawed Naseer Rind was local journalist associated with DailyTawar. He was also a member of Baloch National Movement (BNM). DailyTawar is a Balochistan based Urdu language newspaper which has been exposing the atrocities of the state against people of Balochistan.

Pakistani authorities have attacked the offices of Dailytawar on several occasions with the help of pro-Pakistan political parties and their student wings.

It pertinent to mention that Pakistan army and ISI have hired drug dealers, convicted criminals, thieves and robbers to target killed and abducted pro-freedom Baloch journalists, students, lawyers, poets and other well-educated and committed Baloch activists in a bid to continue Pakistan’s secret dirty war in Balochistan.

It a matter of shame that on one hand western media is exposing Pakistan collusion with Taliban in Afghanistan while on the other hand the West, its media and other International Organisations remain silent on Pakistani atrocities against the people of Balochistan. An online campaign (petition) was running for the safe recovery of Jawed Naseer Rind, “Save Life of a Baloch Journalist’’ But alas, this petition made no difference and seems to have fallen in deaf ears.

Pakistan killed the Baloch journalist right before the eyes of International champions of democracy and human rights.


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