Shaheed Shah Mohammad Bugti.


A Tribute to Shaheed Shah Mohammad Bugti Baloch On his 6th Martrydom anniversary….
Shaheed Shah Mohammad Bugti was born on Nov,1958 Sui Dera Bugti Balochistan .He was one of the senior activists of #BRP was martyred by Pakistani Secuity personals.
Shaheed Shah Mohammad Bugti was brother of central spokes person of BRP Sher Mohammad Bugti and father of Qadir Baksh Bugti ‘Vice President of BRP Swiss Chapter’.
Shaheed Shah Mohammad Bugti was very honest and brave member of BRP he was Having very joyous personality. His nature was to make the people happy around him due to that he was given the nick name “Washudi” by his friends and party members .
He was a revolutionary poet too. His poetry revolves around the freedom and revolution,advises for youth to be revolutionary . After these lines he left it was 5th December 2010 Jatero Rakho area near Punjab border he was abducted by Pakistani security forces, within two days on 7th Decmber his bullet riddled body was found on the same area…
A very bold & brave and beauty of every gathering was snatched by us by brutal Pakistani army .He was from the very and most loyal family who sacrificed his life for Baloch nation, not only he but also many other members of his family which he advised in his poetry his brother,his son,his nephews are following his suits ,either sacrificed his lives or actively taking part in every activity to give justice to Baloch nation.


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