DeraBugti is under a siege of Pakistani army since “January 2016”


Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces brutal operation still continue in different areas ofDera Bugti since January 2016 According to detail, occupying Pakistani forces conducted a mass military operation against innocent population with Gunship helicopters, ground troops and automatic weapons in many parts of Dera Bugti including Pather nala, Wago, Lop Sherani , Doi Pirkoh and patfeedar.

More than 1000 innocent Baloch people have been killed and while 700 injured during bombardments in these areas, women and children s were abducted. Occupying Pakistani forces have looted and burned innocent poor people houses during military offensive but no one take any action against terrorism by Pakistani state

During this operation many decomposed dead bodies have been founded in Dera Bugti Human Right ,United Nation and Media keep silent about Baloch people why?

We requesting to all theses organization please raise their voice against Pakistani army and save our Baloch people (mother, sister and father) and let them live in prosperity


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