Sui: Occupying Pakistani Army’s operation four civilians were injured & five abducted. MR Sher Mohad spokesman of BRP

Waja Sher Mohad

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party spokesman of waja Sher Mohammad bugti said in his statement that the Baloch genocide policies have intensified in all over Balochistan by occupying Pakistani forces

He said occupying Pakistani Army’s conducted military offensive on Bugti civilians with many gunship helicopters  & ground forces in RD 238, Kattan and Go pat villages of district Dera Bugti.

And he further said that four person including women has sustained serious injuries And three innocent Baloch ‘kandha s/0 Almaan Bugti, Mehboob s/o Mian Khan Bugti  were took with them during that Operation, Several houses were completely burned, the forces at the siege of Dera Bugti last several days and death of many innocent Baloch. The abducted people has being shown as Sarmachar and being killed.

Besides these Operation was conducted Kech and Mand dozens of innocent Baloch people have been abducted.


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