A shutter down protest will be observed across Balochistan on the call of Baloch Republican Party…..

Occupied Balochistan:

Karachi – declaring the government-backed operation in Lyari the genocide of indigenous Baloch, the ImageSindhi and Baloch political parties called for Sindh-Balochistan wide protests today (Friday).

A shutter down protest will be observed across Balochistan on the call of Baloch Republican Party. The BRP appealed all Baloch parties to support the strike call to show their anger against the Pakistan security forces atrocities against Baloch people in Lyari.

Meanwhile, on Thursday by the leaders of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Sindh Tarraqui Passand Party (STPP), Sindh United Party (SUP), Awami Tehreek (AT), Sindh National Movement (SNM) and many other nationalist parties of the Sindh also announced to protest against Lyari operation.

Acting JSQM Chairman Dr Niaz Kalani said the strike has been called to protest the ‘unjust’ operation in Lyari “directed against the natives of Lyari”.

Chairman STPP Dr Qadir Magsi said that his party would also participate in the strike, adding that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government has broken all records of insensitivity and oppression.

Sindh United Party (SUP) chief Jalal Mehmood Shah said the one-sided Lyari operation should be stopped immediately and if necessary, operations launched throughout the metropolis against the actual criminals and target killers. 

He said that due to ill planning of the police, peaceful citizens of Lyari are suffering. “Karachi should be made arms-free as directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan,” he added. 

Shah claimed he had received some reliable information that an ethnic group in collaboration with the government wants to eliminate a community from the area near the Karachi port.

Replying to a question, the SUP chief said that the nationalists of Sindh are not supporting any groups but are against the operation, which is creating a difficult situation for the 1.6 million people of Lyari.

“The life of common citizens in the area has become miserable in these hot and humid summer days as they are without water, food or electricity,” he said. “The people of Sindh are with these innocent and aggrieved people.”

Shah warned that if the operation in Lyari is not stopped, the nationalists will opt for other strategies.

SNM President Ali Hassan Chandio said the purpose of the strike on May 4 was to express solidarity with the residents of Lyari and rallies would be taken out to protest the operation.

It is to be noted that Pakistan Para-Military forces on the direction of PPP government in Sindh have initiated a brutal operation in Lyari on 27 April 2012 which continues till this day. Several innocent residents of Lyari including children and women have been killed and wounded because of Pakistani security forces indiscriminate firing. 

The area is currently under siege and cut off from rest of Karachi. Local residents complain that the water pipes and electricity lines have been suspended and due to the consistent siege laid by security forces the local shops are also closed from past several days. People have run out of water and food and many children and elderly are starving to death. The hot weather of Karachi has made the situation even worse. 


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