Baloch Genocide Continues:occupying pakistani Forces have abducted Four more Baloch…….

Occupied Balochistan:

Occupying pakistani Forces have abducted four more Baloch  Mohammad Khan Marri and Mohammad Nabi Marri said that her both son were abducted by personnel of Pakistani intelligence  from Quetta. Both brothers are residents of Saryab Mills area of Quetta.

Giving further details she said that Mohammad Nabi has been abducted around 4 pm from Saryab area whereas his older brother Mohammad Khan was abducted two hours later (6 pm) from Jinnah Town, area of Quetta. She said “Both of my sons are in the custody of security agencies but I don’t know about their well-being and life.”

She said if her sons had committed any crime they must be handed over to police and produced before a court. She feared that her sons might also been killed and dumped like hundreds of other innocent Baloch by Pakistani security agencies. She appealed the Supreme Court of Pakistan and International Human Rights Organisation to take notice of the abduction of her children and play their due role for their safe and early release.

Two Abducted from Mach: Another Pakistani newspaper reported that two men, named Sher Zaman and Aslam, have been abducted from Mach, town of Balochistan.


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