Salute to Martyr of 17th March

The barbaric army of pakistani has  a long history of brutaily.Where it is bangladesh,Balochistan,sindh pukhtoonkhwa  they has written the violent tale  atrocity every where.this half -breen army due to their illegitimacy always targets the weakest affiliates of the society,children and women.

It was the night of 2nd jan 2005 when a senior officer of pakistani army captain hamid had awoken Dr.shazia khalid by pulling her hair.She was then strangled with a cord,threatened,blindfolded,pistol-whipped,beated and repeatedly repad by him,at Sui,DeraBugti,heavily-guarded natural gas plant.This was very disturbing nwes the baloch bugti tribe, as women are the respectful members of baloch society.In the Leadership of shaheed Nawab Akber khan bugti baloch all over of the world demanded the rapist should be brought to justice.

Situation become more tens when army and Goverment of Pakistan backed the rapist depolyed more paramilitary forces in DeraBugti.Many people had  left the town in the face of the attack by the frontier corps FC.

Those who couldn,t leave took shelter the Nawab Akber Bugti compound,including Hindus who had been living there for generatoin.

In the afternoon of 17 March 2005 Frontier corps attacked the Nawab Akber bugti house with heavy artillery.FC had aclear idea that there are number of women and children in compound.Sanjay Suri,indian journalist,wrote A military raid in 2005 killed hindus in a Baloch borough.As hush-up-bids failds it now seems the event was designed as the result of the this attacke 60 people died including women and children.

Perhaps the above massacre  was a message to freedom loving Baloch that Pakistani Army would crush Balochistan  libreation movement even if they have to killed every single Baloch,wouldn,t event spare women and children.Here is our message to the Barbarian Army of Pakistan,must be heard loud and clear:



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