The Tolerated enemy of the state” fresh interview Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti.

A Thursday morning in the autumn, on the second floor of the luxury hotels Kempinski Geneva. Outside, the Jet d’eau fountain of his hunts in the sky.Inside, in deep armchairs, a 30-year-old sitting with bedroom eyes, accurately trimmed beard, dark blue Louis Vuitton slippers – dangles a silver Rolex on his wrist. It is Brahamdagh Khan Bugti, the most wanted man in Pakistan.

Three e-mails and a phone call sufficed to meet with him here. Brahamdagh Bugti wants to talk about his history and his dream of freedom for the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. The world, Switzerland and especially the migration officials in federal Bern, where is pending since January 2011 his asylum application, he wants to show I’m a politician, not a rebel or terrorist.

But his presence in the vicinity of Geneva, where Bugti lives with his mother, his wife and three children, who brings Switzerland into trouble. Because at first July in Baluchistan kidnapped two Swiss tourists and taken to North Waziristan. The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group wants to exchange them for 100 the two comrades who are sitting in Pakistani jails. Brahamdagh Bugti, who has proven nothing to do with the kidnapping, understands his delicate position: “I am convinced to 99 percent that I’m going to get asylum, I am pursuing. I’m just scared about to me that one exchanges against the Swiss hostages. “

For humanitarian reasons this will not happen. In Pakistan, he would receive no due process. Because Brahamdagh Bugti, grandson of the highly respected tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti and his designated successor, is for Pakistan and Osama bin Laden for the U.S. was: public enemy number one. What made him that?

Politicians or rebel, good or bad – who is Brahamdagh Bugti?

Brahamdagh Bugti pulls a paper out of his leather satchel and rummaged for a pen. He skilfully sketched a map. Pakistan and its provinces. He explains, is in Baluchistan, a lunar landscape in the southwest of the country is raging, a dirty war, knowing nothing of the world. For aid agencies and NGOs Baluchistan is a no-go area – even for the Red Cross. Independent foreign observers who are familiar with the situation on the ground want to speak only anonymously to the public. The topic is too sensitive, “Every diplomat who takes the word of Baluchistan in the mouth is yelling,” Baluchistan is Pakistan for what. Tibet for China is – a matter of destiny. It’s about uranium to copper to oil to natural gas in the soil of Balochistan.

Nevertheless, there is in the province of blatant poverty. Chiefs as the living from the tithes of their Bugtis serfs. Eight out of ten people have no clean drinking water, nine out of ten cook on wood fires. And the Iranian-Baloch never even saw each other even as Pakistani. Since its founding in 1947 they revolted against the central government five times. Again today. Tribesmen hunt railway lines and gas pipelines in the air, or they deliberately murdered policemen, soldiers, border guards, guest workers, teachers. It supports the Baluchis of the United States and Afghanistan. The great power betriebt a perfidious double game, as well as the Pakistani army and its intelligence agency ISI to benefit from U.S. military aid. And the answer to the Baloch rebellion this with brutal violence, independence fighters and their political supporters are abducted, tortured, discarded their bodies in ditches – Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International took over the atrocities committed on both sides of book until you also put it in front of the door .

Head of the recent wave of violence against the central government should be Brahamdagh Bugti. Pakistan says. Why, however, Switzerland will provide a most wanted person of a visa? No comment means that the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). There are only two possibilities: Either you did not know who you let into the country. Or are you deliberately played its part in an international solution to the problem.”Without connivance of the ISI, it would not have been possible Bugti, to come to Switzerland. This is a deal between Pakistan and the U.S. – and possibly other states. For it was surprisingly quiet when it became known, where Bugti infected. That would have provoked more reactions, it would happen against the will of Pakistan, “says the TIME one informant with contacts in intelligence circles, who knows the region very well. To illustrate, he says: “In the Swiss embassy in Islamabad was never a screaming ISI agent on the mat”.

Even in Pakistan, the mood remained relatively quiet. Quoted as saying in late March, the newspaper The Express Tribune, a pro-government source: “Apparently Islamabad is indeed against Bugtis asylum application, but at the same time it is satisfied that he from Switzerland in the Baluchi insurgency can not fuel continued,” This also explains why not. extradition request was made. A Brahamdagh Bugti, away quietly put the home in Geneva would be neutral, that is an asset not a burden in cooperation with Pakistan. Especially when it comes to the liberation of the two Swiss hostages. Bugti and plays with the game. Pronouncements of his followers, he met UN officials in Geneva and Swiss officials, he dismisses as nonsense.”The important thing is that my asylum application is accepted. Now it’s’ survival, says Bugti. Only after the end of August in the New York Timesportrait made, the Pakistani government made ​​some racket: In an article in the daily newspaper The Dawn said a spokesman that they had requested the extradition from Switzerland Bugtis. Alone in Bern nobody knows about it.

But Bugti who is? The called party is directed to the chair, takes a sip of his latte macchiato, “Yes, there are rebel Bugti. But I have nothing to do with them. “He was a political leader, chief of the Baloch Republican Party.

Only thing is not that simple. Even though policy experts such as Albert Stahel, or the French anthropologist and expert Baluchistan Georges Lefeuvre (“Bugti was not a terrorist” is) (“Bugti has no blood on their hands”) over the western Swiss newspaper Le Temps took the man’s defense. ”In the beginning was” sure Bugti involved in bombings, says another TIME informant. In the WikiLeaks documents of the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, one reads: “The Baloch Republican Party is the political arm of the Baloch Republican Army. . Both are (presumably) headed by Brahamdagh Bugti “And compared to the Guardian Bugti himself said a year ago in a telephone interview: “We want to solve the problem politically, no one wants to take up arms. But given what happened, the armed resistance is necessary. “

Brahamdagh Bugti was also there when his master, who commands about 13,000 square kilometers of land and 150,000 people and an asset has 40-50 million dollars in the summer of 2005, vowed revenge. Compared to the magazine Economist said at the time his aged grandfather, Nawab Akbar Bugti, “It is better to quickly die in the mountains than slowly in bed,” From the dazzling old, the Jean-Jacques Rousseau, translated into Baluchi had, in 1953 as exotic to the coronation. by Elizabeth II attended with 29 years ago was for a short time Minister of Defence of Pakistan, became an overnight resistance fighters.

What had happened? Brahamdagh Bugti from obsolete. He talks about the roots of his people in ancient Mesopotamia, Medes and Persians, Alexander the Great and the British colonial masters – until he finally ends up in January 2005. Then raped an army captain, the doctor Shazia Khalid Baloch.The story made the rounds of the Baloch anger boiled over. Bugti fighters committed attacks on security forces and gas pipelines across Pakistan had been cut off gas supplies. The Army did what they always do in such situations: slap on.

On 17 Units in March 2005 attacked the desert fort of Dera Bugti. Result: 57 dead, many of them women and children. The bullets just missed the tribal headquarters of the Bugtis, where resided also Brahamdagh Bugti. ”The next day the army has” apologized, telling the young Bugti. There were several meetings between the army and Belutschenstamm. But the sluggish talks.”Who Bugti has given the authority to speak on behalf of Balochistan?” Intoxicated with the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. For him, the time was still firmly in the saddle, the old Bugti was the key to the largest natural gas fields in Pakistan.

The situation escalated: Belutschenrebellen attacked with rocket launchers to a campaign event of Musharraf. And 17 December 2005, the army fired at Dera Bugti again. Sun attracted the Nawab Akbar Bugti 80-year-old and his favorite grandson, who had grown up after the death of his father with him, in the mountains. A manhunt began. In late August 2006 Pakistani army troops ransacked the fugitives in the mountains. From his hiding place, three miles from his grandfather who saw the disaster coming Brahamdagh Bugti: At six clock in the morning, the four fighter jets appeared on the horizon. 50 feet of him broke down the bombs. His camp for the night flew into the air, his laptop and his passport had been destroyed. Even today, he listens to the right ear little, leans forward again and again in conversation over the coffee table.

Helicopter galloped along the ridges, they set off paratroopers who combed the area. ”The satellite phone had betrayed us,” says Bugti. ”I’ve told my grandfather that he should turn it off, but he refused.” On the third day of the attack, on 26 August announced that the government: The old Bugti is dead! And with him 32 of his tribesmen.

Quiet Bugti told his story. Not once flew over the nervous glance of a fugitive his face. Not once he goes into conspiracy theories.

After the death of his grandfather’s grandson marched for 19 days using the surviving fighters and local leaders to walk to Afghanistan. From there he sent for his family. At first they lived in Kandahar, then in Kabul, where they moved every three months, the phone number Bugti changed every two weeks. On several occasions tried to Taliban or Al Qaeda fighters to kill him.Once the ISI provided the Afghan journalists Nawab Momand, who knew Bugti, 800,000 dollars, so he served as suicide bombers strike. The man refused. One other time was in the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul Nobel up a car bomb that Bugti was. But he always got away. He was warned. ”The Afghan intelligence chief was like a brother to me,” says Bugti.

Knew what to Switzerland when she Bugti issued a visa?

But gradually increased the pressure on Pakistan, Afghanistan, its neighbors.Musharraf and his intelligence Bugti wanted at any price. ”He was the rotten tooth in the U.S. relationship with Pakistan,” says an insider. On 24February 2010 decided Bugtis fate – again in his favor. FBI Director Robert Muller met with the Ministers of Interior of Afghanistan and Pakistan for talks in Islamabad. They talked about a deal. For in Lahore was the Taliban leader Mullah Berader in prison for burning the U.S. interested. ”We should exchange some kind of> Berader against Bugti ‘consider’ Brahamdagh Bugti had become a pawn in the hands of the Americans: The U.S. ambassador in Islamabad advised in a dispatch.. But she hesitated. The United States themselves had an interest in Baluchistan, as the second most important supply route to Afghanistan through the province. And according to information provided by the Guardian, the CIA operates a secret landing strip for their drones flying in the tribal area of ​​attacks against Taliban and al-Qaeda. So burst the deal. But the Belutschenführer had gone on out of the Hindu Kush region.

Two hours have passed in Geneva luxury hotel. ”You do not want to stay for lunch?” Asks Bugti. We order the overpriced Caesar salad and a club sandwich. Brahamdagh Bugti claimed to have knowledge of these intrigues only find out in hindsight. Nevertheless, he made contact with the UNHCR.”We had to get away from Kabul, it had become too dangerous.” Bugti With whose help eventually came to Switzerland to this day remains a mystery.The UNHCR says it has nothing to do with it. They wanted to put him in Ireland, France and Norway were under discussion – all of the plans failed.In Bern, we read: “The DFA can not publicly comment on visa decisions, the concrete individuals relate to” What is clear only that Bugti was awarded in October 2010 at the Swiss Consulate General in Dubai with a probably fake Afghan passport for a tourist visa. . In Geneva, he met with his lawyers and discussed the situation. Later he traveled back to Dubai at least twice. Only in the spring of 2011 he brought his family to Geneva.

Here he is now the moderate politicians in exile. Fear? No, he had never been to Switzerland. ”Although I sometimes have the feeling that Pakistanis follow me” A few days later we read in Pakistani media that ex-President Musharraf is sought on arrest warrants. He did give the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in the old order. A nation is looking for the man who once took their worst enemy to the track. ”I want to make like in Dubai, something with real estate: Bugti’s grandson is dreaming of a peaceful future. I do not understand something. “The rebel leader as a broker. But a moderate attitude to him could cost the sympathies of Belutschenjugend at home. Not only the Pakistanis are hated even their own elites, whose youth in Karachi, Dubai and London leads a sweet life of luxury. So one can understand his warning of a radicalization of the boys also quite different: namely, as fear of losing their own livings.

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