Dera Bugti: 2 personnel killed in bomb attack, BRA pays tribute to Shaheed Lateef Jan

Occupied Balochistan:

Baloch Republican Army fighters have attacked a vehicle of occupying forces with a remote controlled explosive device in Dera Bugti on Tuesday.

According to the details, BRA fighters planted an explosive device on a routine way of occupying Pakistani forces in “Barbozh Wadh” area of Dera Bugti and detonated it with a remote control when the target approached near it.

As a result, the vehicle was completely destroyed, 2 personnel of occupying forces were killed at the spot and 4 other sustained serious injuries.

Baloch Republican Army pays tribute to Shaheed Lateef Jan s/o Bingav Kalpar Bugti who was martyred in yesterday’s clash with occupying forces and ISI-backed “Sarkari Lashkar” in Pat feeder area of Sui, Dera Bugti.

Lateef jan fought with all bravery against occupying forces and Sarkari Lashkar for many hours and embraced martyrdom after killing the chief commander of Sarkari Lashkar Nabi dad aka Bhai along with 5 personnel of occupying forces.

Lateef Jan was affiliated with Baloch national struggle for freedom since past 3 years and was a brave and sensible soldier of Baloch struggle against the occupation of Balochistan. Baloch Republican Army pays tributes to Shaheed Lateef Jan for his bravery, struggle and the great sacrifice for Baloch nation and the great cause.

Baloch Republican Army will continue its struggle till independence of Baloch land Balochistan.


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