BRA fighters ambushed a convoy of forces, head of Sarkari Lashker along with 5 killed.

Occupied Balochistan:

Baloch Republican Army fighters ambushed a convoy of occupying pakistani para-military forces and state sponsored Sarkari Lashker in Pat feeder area of Sui tehsil of Dera Bugti on Monday.

According to the details, A convoy of occupying forces and so-called “Sarkari Lashker” was heading toward pat feeder area for an operation when Baloch freedom fighters of BRA ambushed it in janu Bedi area of Pat feeder with sophiscated weapons.

As a result of the attack, Nabi Dad aka Bhai, the head of Sarkari Lashker was killed along with one of his close friend and 4 personnel of occupying forces including ranked officers.

Nabi dad and its Sarkari Lashker collaborated with occupying forces of pakistan against Baloch national cause and participated in military operations, killings and abductions of innocent Balochs. Sarkari Lashker built many torture cells and cells with the help and cooperation of occupying forces where they detain and inhumanly torture innocent Baloch for extortion money.

Baloch Republican Army warns all elements working against Baloch national cause or collaborating with occupying forces, to learn a lesson from termination of Bhai khan and abandon all the anti-baloch activities or else they will face the same fate.


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