Families of enforced-disappeared Baloch Sister appeal for International Intervention

Occupied Balochistan:

The abductions of Baloch political activists by Pakistan continue unabated as the family of enforced-disappeared Baloch urged for International Intervention to stop the Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people.

In a press conference out side Quetta press Club, the sister of Faraz Baloch said that her brother and cousin Khair Bux Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies. “My brother, Faraz Baloch, has been abducted from Hub Chowki on 09/10/2011 at around 4 pm when he was coming home along with his friend Omid Ali.

My cousin Naku Khair Bux Baloch was offloaded from a passenger bus on 27/10/2011 when he traveling from Karachi to his home in district Jhao, Balochistan.”

She said both men are still missing and their families members have not been informed about their well-being and whereabouts. The families fear that their loved ones might just be killed and dumped like hundreds of other Baloch activists who have recently been tortured to death by Pakistani security force while in their custody.

“These brutal acts of intelligence agencies [of Pakistan] fall under the category of sheer Human Rights Violation. In past many years Baloch students, intellectuals, and Journalists have been forcefully disappeared and killed under-custody. We are still continuously receiving the dead bodies of Baloch enforced-disappeared persons on regular basis. Most of the victims are students, political activists and other well-educated Baloch.”

She urged the International Human Rights Organisations and other International Rights groups to take notice of Pakistani atrocities and genocidal policy against Baloch people. She appealed the HR organisations to play their due role in the release of her brother Faraz Baloch, cousin Khair Bux Baloch and all other Baloch missing persons.


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