Military operation continues, six people have been forcefully disappeared: BRP

Occupied Balochistan:

In a Press release here on Thursday, Sher Mohammad Bugti spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Party said Pakistan is misleading the world by talking about Balochistan reconciliation while military operation continues unabated in Dera Bugti and other districts of Balochistan.

”Pakistan forces barged into the straw-made Baloch homes violating the sanctity and privacy of the households and beat up the family members,” Bugti said. He further stated that State brutalities, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings with tortured and bullet-riddled bodies of the victims being dumped is a daily occurrence across Balochistan.

He said Pakistan forces carried search operations in RD138 area, Jarwar Pohl (Jarwar Bridge) and other bordering regions between Sindh and Balochistan. He said six people have been abducted and and standing crops were set ablaze during the military offensives.

Mr. Bugti urged the International Human Rights Organisations to take notice of the abductions of Jalil Reki, Zakir Majeed, Sana Sangath and Dr. Deen Mohammed along with hundreds of other victims of enforced disappearances.


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